Crystal Mountain Skiing with My Father

At the end of December 2014,  I had a great day skiing with my father who was over from South Africa. This was his first experience at skiing and I think he did brilliantly.  We were fortunate to have snow when we did; it has been a warm winter in Washington. Be warned – it’s a long edit.




Peter Joles

With 14 years of experience in the IT Sector, Peter Joles is an expert in Enterprise Content Management. He has and continues to work with numerous large international clients. Peter has been involved in numerous IT projects that have taken him to the shores of Europe, Australia, South Africa and the United States. Born in South Africa, Peter moved and lived in the UK for 11 years where he worked supporting, delivering and selling Content Management to a variety of large enterprise customers. In 2010 Peter and his family moved to the US where he is currently a Technical Account Manager for SDL.

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